About Kirkpatrick Fleming Life

This site was set up in 2016. The idea for it arose from oral history projects carried out in Kirkpatrick in 2012-2013 by Alastair and Catriona Duncan and by P6 of Kirkpatrick Primary School under the supervision of the headteacher, Lorna Dempster. The idea was that a website for Kirkpatrick Fleming could both reflect the past and serve the present of Kirkpatrick and district. It could reach a wide audience of current and former residents as well as potential visitors. The idea was approved and refined at two public meetings chaired by Graham Rae held at the Victoria Hall in March and April 2015. Subsequently an informal committee under the auspices of the Community Council carried the project forward. It consisted of Colin Brown and Maureen Sharp (Chair and Secretary of the Community Council), Alastair Duncan, Geoff Kirkpatrick, Norma Lockhart, Helen Rae and Graham Smith.

Working on the website. l-r Alastair Duncan, Geoff Kirkpatrick, Helen Rae, Colin Brown, Maureen Sharp, Rachel Findlay
The Ann Hill Bequest

Ann Hill (1902-1984) left a generous bequest to the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society to investigate the history and archaeology of the parish of Kirkpatrick Fleming where she grew up. The Ann Hill bequest has been used to fund the publication of a number of pamphlets, parish records, an oral history project, and two illustrated volumes, Kirkpatrick Fleming Dumfriesshire. An Anatomy of a Parish in South West Scotland, edited by Roger Mercer, 1997, and Kirkpatrick Fleming. On the Borders of History, by Duncan and Sheila Adamson, 2011. Considering that the proposed website would itself become a historical record of the parish, the Ann Hill Bequest committee of the DGNHAS agreed to contribute generously to its design and construction.

Ann Hill (on right), with friend Elizabeth McQueen, cooling their feet at Castlehill, Durisdeer
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