Mr and Mrs Irvng of Nutberry Farm

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This photo must have been taken in the 50s in their living room. I don't know who took it. From about the age of 8, I spent about 2 weeks every summer at Nutberry. Those were wonderful holidays for me, a town girl, but who has always loved country life and animals. The Irvings were so good to me I wouldn't have missed a summer holiday in Kirkpatrick for worlds! Mrs. Irving and the Boss, those are the names we used for them, treated me like family, and I loved them dearly. At that time Willis Mclellan was working there and I had great fun with her too. Of course I kept in touch with them, visiting them in Canonbie after they retired from farming, and was happy that my two children loved to visit them there too and gobble up the delicious scones and apple tarts that Mrs. Irving was still making.
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Audrey Briand. née:Duncan


Robin and Mrs Irving remember then well

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