Kirkpatrick Fleming Parish Church

Kirkpatrick Fleming Church is now united with the the congragations of Gretna Old, Gretna Saint Andrew's and Half Morton. On 18 May 2021 the Kirk Session announced their decision to close Kirkpatrick Fleming Church permanently since the cost of repairs outstripped the combined congregation's resources. By a ballot which closed on 8 June the congregation decided by a vote of 92 to 16 to sell the church.   

The decision to close the church was announced on Facebook "with deep sadness". "We know that for many the church building is held with great affection within the community. It has been a place of gathering for many down through the generations, when families brought their children to baptised, held family weddings, and celebrated the life of loved ones within its walls. Many faithfully gathered for Sunday worship, and the children of KPF will especially have fond memories of their end of term services."


Kirkpatrick Fleming church