The mobile library service was withdrawn in September 2018.

Access to Library Services:

*  Customer Service Centres - You can use your existing library card to borrow/return books at any of the 24 Customer Service Centres across the region.

*  Good Neighbour Scheme - If you cannot visit a Library then a relative, friend or neighbour may select books for you from any Customer Service Centre as part of the Good Neighbour Scheme.  Your Good Neighbour will get a separate card in your name to use on your behalf. There are no overdue charges for Good Neighbour Cards and you can request items free of charge.  

*  Community Outreach Service - If you arent' able to visit a Library and you don't have someone available who could join the Good Neighbour Scheme, you may be elegible for the Community Outreach Service.  Under this scheme a memeber of Customer Services staff will bring books to your home every 3 weeks.  The service will be available to all ages, however there elegibility criteria you must meet to access this service.  This service will also be available to Carers who may be housebound due to the nature of their caring duties.